No matter what the task may be or where the location is – whether it’s a remote area, dense urban environment, over water, or on top of a mountain, Axxeum has the experts and experience to get the task at hand completed quickly, with reliability and foremost, safely. With our highly versatile Medium Lift Bell 412EP,  we can carry out a variety of tasks to suit any situation that may arise.  We also have access to a wide variety of other aircraft including MD, Leonardo, and other Bell products. Our highly qualified and seasoned staff includes Pilots, Maintenance Team, Air Crew, Support Staff and Management team; Axxeum provides the ‘turn-key’ solution for your worldwide Aviation requirements.

  • Search and Rescue
  • Para-Public Assistance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Fire Control / Attack / Drop
  • Movies
  • Charter
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Disaster Assistance
  • Training