Quality Performance Monitoring 

Axxeum continuously monitors the performance of its QMS with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The monitoring of KPI’s ensures that Axxeum is always striving to perfect our QMS through process improvement and risk management. This allows Axxeum to consistently achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction for product and service delivery.

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Safety Policy

Axxeum is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors. To achieve this goal, proactive safety objectives have been developed and incorporated throughout all departments. Management and employees support a “No substitute for safety” approach in aircraft maintenance, repair, service and logistics operations.

Safety is an individual as well as an overall operational and management responsibility. Axxeum encourages all employees and contractors to report all safety related hazards to management immediately to ensure that personnel, equipment and aircraft remain protected from injury or damage. Employees are empowered to report safety hazards to management or direct leadership to stop operations, report unsafe acts of people, products, and services.  

Management is committed to proactive safety hazard reporting and ensures that no punitive action will take place for reporting any safety related hazard. By monitoring and reviewing established safety objectives against actual safety performance, management takes the approach to continually improve the safety of our personnel, aircraft maintenance, repair, service and logistics operations environment.

Axxeum’s Safety Policy is posted and communicated through training and team development.