Aviation Training

Axxeum offers a variety of highly skilled training courses including civilian, law enforcement, SAR, fire and military. The  flight and ground instructors at Axxeum have certifications and experience for the demanding tasks of helicopter flying and operations.  All our courses and curriculum exceed the standard set forth by the FAA and CAA, and we pride ourselves in applying reality-based scenarios to ensure the trainee is truly are ready for anything that can present itself when needed. Our training is not limited to pilots.  We also train Crew Chiefs, Flight Engineers, Mechanics, Rescue Swimmers, Hoist Operators, Dispatchers, and any other support function associated with aircraft operations, fixed-wing included. 

We offer all the following types of flight training:

  • Bi-Annual Flight Review (APART/BFR)
  • Maintenance Test Pilot
  • External Load and Hoist
  • Aerial Sniper
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Bambi Bucket and Fire Attack System Training
  • Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII, & ATP Ratings
  • Glass Cockpit Transition 
  • Initial Aircraft Transition Training (We have instructors with multiple FW/RW type ratings)
  • Instrument Competency
  • Insurance Required Recurrent Training
  • Post-Accident Remedial Training
  • Recurrent/Refresher Emergency Training
  • Search and Rescue – Open water and Inland, Advanced and Basic
  • Turbine Transition Training

Some of our specialized and popular ground courses include:

  • Cockpit Resource Management (CRM and AMRM)
  • Land and Water Egress / Survival
  • Airborne Surveillance Techniques
  • Anti-Terrorism Training
  • Command and Control Training
  • Homeland Security Training and Review
  • Aircraft Incident Response 
  • Air Medical Crew Training
  • Law Enforcement TFO