Valtam Armor by Axxeum is a Light-Weight Composite Armor System, comprised of a series of panels designed to provide ballistic protection for personnel and critical components of aircraft and vehicles. Valtam Armor can be installed in any configuration, whether as a complete aircraft/vehicle kit or specifically to outfit select components or mission equipment.


Valtam Armor is end-item specific and can be modified to all customer specifications for individual aircraft/vehicles, including:

  • Auxiliary Fuel Cell Accommodations
  • Crew and Utility Seats
  • Maintenance Panel and Bay Access Panels
  • Heating Ventilation Exhaust
  • Access Cables
  • Weapons Mounts
  • First Aid, Medical Equipment and Litters
  • Mooring Points with Removable Covers
  • External Accessories


  • Form, Fit and Function Validation
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Serial Number-Specific Data Packages
  • Summary Ballistic Report
  • Stress Analysis Report
  • Environmental Testing Report


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